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Recent Collaborations:

GamaLama(Baltimore) : 2013-present : Co-founder

details :
Justin & ryan are Baltimore based multimedia artists. "GamaLama" relates to a series of interactive, musical, installations. Together they've created installations at festivals in Maryland, Pennsylvania, & Delaware. The largest being "soundNest", at Artscape (in collaboration with Dialog+ & Liz Swanson LLC).

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Alif Laila : 2009-present : Artistic Collaborator

Hired for logo design, photography, package design, webdesign, video, artistic collaborations, recording, and music collaboration.

Mushroom City Art Festival : 2015 - 2019 : Co-organizer

"At Mushroom City Art Festival, you can experience mushroom foraging, nature art trail walks, lectures, live music, all ages art workshops, interactive art installations and more!! Sculptures, paintings, film, and music inspired by this mysterious mycelial life form will be featured alongside hands on workshops and educational discussions revealing the many real world applications for mushroom cultivation in contemporary urban life. Mushroom City is also a space to build community aligned with and beside the wonders of our natural world."


Xiphoid-Process : 2015-present : band member

Instrumental, mostly improvisational, sounds are created by handmade instruments, run through effects pedals; Xiphoid Process is Justin Miller & ryanSmith. Justin (a member of the Immortal Jellyfish) has been building instruments for years. Xiphoid Process create a wide spectrum of ambient tones, primal rhythms, bowed/droning notes, and harmonious noises. Outside of Xiphoid Process, ryan has been working on his solo, music project "ryanSmith Thoth". Together Justin & ryan make installation art as GamalLama (Baltimore). They have both performed & exhibited at Artscape, among other local festivals.

soundNest : 2013-2015 : Co-host

"The core vision of [the soundNest Projects] are driven by collaborative interactive installations and performances as a social practice. While our upbeat practice is constantly evolving into new venues, it is always about building the dialogue between individuals in order to build and heal our communities. Communication comes in many forms. Baltimore's experimental sound scene is full of extraordinary talent that is largely unknown by the general public. We provide a uniquely complex colorful interactive installation to work with the musicians. In addition, by providing hand made instruments, we bypass the classic separation between performers and the audience, by melding them into a unity of common purpose. "

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