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Everyone has their own personal reasons for practicing yoga. Everyone’s story is different. Everybody is unique and every body is unique. And, I believe that any body can do yoga.

At age 12, after walking to the library and finding a book about yoga, I tried yoga for the first time. I started practicing in the privacy of my home. Many years went by and gradually I stopped doing yoga and most other physical activities. After years of focusing my attention on art & music, and spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen, I decided to start spending more time outdoors. The more time I spent in nature, the more I noticed a disconnect between my mind, my body, and my spirit. Yoga was, and still is the “medicine” that I use to heal my mind & body. It helps me to relieve anxiety, reconnect with my body, and it recharges my spirit.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s, when I first set foot in a yoga studio. I had read books and watched countless videos online. However, it wasn’t until this time that I started to understand the importance of community and the need for face-to-face contact. Yoga was no longer a hobby for me, it was a necessity; it was (and is) a way of living.

As we all enter into a time of email, social media, and constant texting, I feel it’s necessary to hit the pause button occasionally. Going to the yoga studio is my way of “letting go” or hitting the pause button. In the hectic, often chaotic, world we live in, I am grateful for places like yoga studios. During times of grief & heartbreak or rough & depressing times, I went to yoga classes to help me get through the day. Yoga gives me peace of mind; practicing yoga helps me to live a more balanced life and gives me peace of mind. Since I started practicing yoga regularly, I make healthier decisions about my body and wiser decisions about my life. Even little day-to-day things, such as my standing or seated posture, have improved

In 2017, after about 10 years as an art teacher, I decided to add Yoga Instructor to my resumé. I had spent years taking classes at the Baltimore Yoga Village, and chose to study under Anjali Sunita, owner of the BYV. During my teacher training, I volunteered at the studio as a work-study. When I completed the BYV’s Jeevan Yoga, 200-hour Teacher Training, I continued as a work-study and began teaching as a substitute yoga instructor. From then on, I gained experience as an instructor, subbing for yoga instructors at BYV, and Earth Pulse Yoga.

Currently, I am still passionate about visual art and music. I have been teaching art at the college level for over ten years. In my spare time I continue to make visual art & music, and think it’s important to spend time outdoors. I enjoy teaching yoga as much as I enjoy attending classes or practicing at home. Typically, I appreciate gentle, slow paced yoga. Occasionally I’ll practice standing on my head. However, most of the time I focus on Pranayama (breathing exercises), seated poses, and things that calm the mind & body.

Making art, spending time outside, and practicing yoga have all changed my life, and at times may have even saved my life. I am looking forward to teaching yoga to a variety of people, people of all ages. And, if yoga can help you, I hope to share that experience with you. In short, I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and practicing yoga with you.


Earth Pulse Yoga, Baltimore

updated 2020
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