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Instrumental, mostly improvisational, sounds are created by handmade instruments, run through effects pedals;
Xiphoid-Process is Justin Miller & ryanSmith. Justin (a member of the Immortal Jellyfish) has been building instruments for years.
Xiphoid-Process create a wide spectrum of ambient tones, primal rhythms, bowed/droning notes, and harmonious noises.
Together Justin & ryan make installation art as GamalLama (Baltimore).
They have both performed & exhibited at Artscape, among other local festivals. Xiphoid-Process.bandcamp.com

details :
Xiphoid-Process, single for "D.M.T."
released June 20, 2019
Justin Miller & Ryan Smith perform with hand-made instruments, found objects, bells, and a singing bowl.
All sounds are recorded live and looped through effects pedals.

details :
released June 8, 2018

details :
recorded: in a dark basement, at Rainbow House, Hamilton, Baltimore City, USA. 2017.
released June 17, 2017
Touch Tone Tanks, and other handmade instruments, by Justin Miller.
artwork & Design by ryanSmithArt.com

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released March 29, 2016

live shows:

details :
Xiphoid-Process, 2017, at Mushroom City Art Festival; with Justin Miller, and ryanSmith. Handmade instruments, with effects pedals & loops.

details :
Xiphoid Process (Justin Miller & Ryan Smith), play on stage at Artscape 2015, inside "the S.S.Nest" ( soundNest III ).


details :
The song "DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)" was recorded during the summer of 2019.
Video for the song was captured in Northern California near the Redwood forest, with help from Stephanie Fowler.
In the fall of 2019, ryanSmith edited the video for Xiphoid-Process' "D.M.T.". Enjoy!

details :
Animation for "Rangifer Tarandus II", off of the recording DEPRIVATION‚Äč+‚Äčimmersion. 2018

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xiphoid-process / solo work / musical collaborations