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"GamaLama"(Baltimore) is an artistic collaboration with Justin Miller & Ryan Smith

gama Lama Baltimore

Justin & ryan are Baltimore based multimedia artists. “GamaLama” relates to a series of interactive, musical, installations. Together they’ve created installations at festivals in Maryland, Pennsylvania, & Delaware. The largest being “soundNest”, at Artscape (in collaboration with Dialog+ & Liz Swanson LLC).

rideTheSnake : 2017

interactive installation / sound art
featured at:
PEX Summer Festival (Darlington, MD), WickerMan (Artemas PA), Mushroom City (Baltimore MD), & Figment (Baltimore)

treasuRing : 2015

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GamaLamaDingDong : 2014

interactive installation / sound art


[ also shown at 2014's : Transmodern - MD, Playa Del Fuego - DE, and Wickerman - PA, Festivals ]

details :

2 of the "builders of soundNest", Justin Miller & ryanSmith, were asked to install their instruments at Fields Fest 2014. The public was invited to walk through, or play upon a feast of handmade instruments. These instruments include: bells, gongs, drums, wind chimes, cymbals, and handmade kalimbas.
At Fields, Ryan & Justin brought a "stripped-down version of soundNest", which they titled "GamaLamaDingDong"

Fields Fest website

Baltimore's City Paper made a recording of "the Nest"

city paper [part 1]

More photos from the City Paper's documentation of GamaLamaDingDong at "Fields Fest"



"Mad Max, the Sonic"
at the Marquee Ball, 2015

interactive installation / sound art
Hired by the Creative Alliance to install a "GamaLama" style structure, and perform with the "Immortal Jellyfish". At the Marquee Ball.



GamaLama Dragon : 2015
at Freeform Arts Festival

interactive installation / sound art

- photos by TLC Baltimore -



Tintinabulation : 2016

details :
3 handmade, musical "Sit & Spins"
3 handmade gongs
sound-activated LED lights
countless bells

Featured at the Freeform Arts Festival

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gamaLama Mushrooms

gamaLama(Baltimore) : rideTheSnake | treasuRing | gamaLamaDingDong
"the Sonic" | GamaLama Dragon | Tintinabulation | gamaLama Mushrooms