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courses : 2021-present / 2012-2020 / 2008-2011

current course: ART466: design for the www II

Teaching Philosophy:

It does not matter if I am helping a student build a sculpture, or coding an interactive game with a student, the goal is still the same: to encourage the student to accomplish something they have never done before. It is easy to take great artists, and make them better. I find it more rewarding for myself, and my students, if they are inspired to make something they never dreamed they could do.

Students are more likely to grow through direct interactions with their peers and teachers; I believe that people learn through conversations, and discussions with others. This is why I strongly support class discussions, and one-on-one time with students and teachers. Everyone has their own unique way of learning, and it is important to understand every student's individual needs.

At the college level, students are all struggling to figure out their own identity. They should be encouraged to express themselves in a positive environment, and feel comfortable enough to flourish in their environment. This is why I am constantly urging my students to find their own inner strengths through self-exploration.

As an artist and a teacher, I want to help people of all ages to lower their inhibitions, and challenge what they are comfortable with. By getting to know my students, as individuals with specific needs, I feel that I can help to assist them in pursuing their goals, fantasies, and dreams. If I am successful, my students will leave my class with a higher level of self-understanding, a greater appreciation of their own voice, and something that they can be proud of.

bio / teaching / cv

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