"Art Exhibition Site"

MARCH 12th, 2024

TIME:  at the beginning of your ART466 class (6:00PM)


Design, and build, a website for an ART exhibition.


- Demonstrate the ability to use HTML & CSS code
( you can use Dreamweaver )
- Practice onscreen Typography
- Make something that is easy to navigate, easy to read, and looks great 


You will make a website about an art exhibition. 
This exhibit can be current, something from the past, or you can make up your own imaginary art show. 


- Use an External Style Sheet 
- All webpages must have titles (no untitled documents) & at least 1 heading
- Use typographic hierarchy  
** the 1st page should be saved as index.html (especially splash pages)

- You must have a logo for the venue.
- Please include a gallery section (or pages) with at least 9 examples of artwork.
- Include information about the images (title, medium, date).
- There should be at least 3 links on every page, neatly organized in a navigation bar.
- Include the sources of your information and images (somewhere on the site).


You can start by picking a subject and/or artists.
Choose a title for the exhibition, find or make up a location, and start making sketches for the website. 


- Draw your site structure diagram.

- Create a wireframe for your 1st project

- Find or make a logo for your website.

- Using one exernal style sheet, start making a navigation bar for "Project #1".
- Example
...all due next class (FEBRUARY 27th)


(FEB 27th- MARCH 5th)
*Please have some (approximately 10) images to work with. 
You could also find a video or two (on YouTube or Vimeo). 

When planning your CSS styles, start by coming up with a limited color palette. 
Think about how the overall color scheme can complement the artwork that you will be displaying on the webpage.   


(MARCH 5th- MARCH 12th)
- make your webpages look better
- & finish the project

what you will turn in on the due date:

 You will turn in a directory with: 
- all images used in the site
- all the .html pages
- and CSS should be turned in
(I will copy them to an external hard drive, so be prepared)

You will present your work to the rest of the class

*NOTE: You will have the opportunity to improve your work after the due date. 

Failure to turn in something on the due date will result in a 30% drop in the project grade. In other words, you will not get more than a "C" grade for late work. If you can not make it to class on the due date, to present your work, please email the professor with an explanation, and email what you completed.


Your grade will be determined by your ability to turn things in on time, and follow directions. 
The grade for your finished project will be based on your attention to detail, and the overall look of the website. 

All webpages designed for the site should have a consistent design or "feel".
All pages should be clearly labeled, have titles, and all the links should work. 
Make sure your site is easy to navigate. 
Your presentation will also affect your grade.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.