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"Marketing Website"

ART 365
FALL 2019

due: Nov. 19 (Tuesday)

at the beginning of your Art365 class (2:00)


Design & build a marketing website for a product


- Practice onscreen Typography
- Make something that is easy to navigate, easy to read, and looks great
* use a slideshow, or animation
* use video and/or sound


note: This should be a thing, not a person or place

Things to think about:

- How does your design relate to the subject matter?
- Think about your audience!
- Do you need to design a logo?
- Will you find images, or make your own illustrations?


- Demonstrate the ability to use CSS code
- Practice great onscreen typography
- Make something that is easy to navigate, and looks great
- Promote something
* use a slideshow, or animation
* use video and/or sound

- the first page of your site should be saved as index.html
- all pages need to have titles and headings
- there should be great looking images (that are not pixelated)
- there should be a lot of information
- links should not be the "default" blue/purple colors

The project should be uploaded to a server (by the due date).
* Bring in the html, css, & image files in 1 directory

* More importantly, make something that will look good in your portfolio


this week:

- come up with an idea

**draw site structure and wire frames
- start designing and building an informative website based on your research.
(background, typefaces, font colors, etc.)

** make or get:
- high resolution images, photos, illustrations, charts, graphs, and/or a logo.
And, you could make or get a video or two.

next week:
- Keep working on the project
- Practice uploading files to your server space

the following week:

- Finish the Project

what you will turn in on the due date:

You will turn in a directory with:
- all images used in the site
- all the .html pages
- and CSS should be turned in
(I will copy them to an external hard drive, so be prepared)

2) You will present your work to the rest of the class

3) Please upload the project to:

*NOTE: You will have the opportunity to improve your work after the due date.

Failure to turn in something on the due date will result in a 30% drop in the project grade. In other words, you will not get more than a "C" grade for late work. If you can not make it to class on the due date, to present your work, please email the professor with an explanation, and email what you completed to:


Your grade will be determined by your ability to turn things in on time, and follow directions.
The grade for your finished project will be based on your attention to detail, and the overall look of the website.

All webpages designed for the site should have a consistent design or "feel".
All pages should be clearly labeled, have titles, and all the links should work.
Make sure your site is easy to navigate.
Your presentation will also affect your grade.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

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